Tuesday, November 11, 2014


One rule that I do go by when I dress is this: Anything goes! Yes I know you are probably like "what???!!" "what is she talking about, anything goes? in what fashion world??". But yes anything goes. Mixed prints do work great together, mix match is fantastic. Ever heard of color blocking? Come on guys, anything does go. Never pay attention to the rule that you must match to look good. Or even, my big girls out there, please ignore the rule that as a big woman wearing the color black makes you slimmer. Don't stick to the idea of wearing clothes to make you "look" slimmer, if you look good and feel great by all means flaunttt!!!!!!!

I recently went out with a friend for a night in the city and decided to wear a bodycon skirt with matching top. Paired it simple black heels  with a bit of a gold touch in the front and a green (more teal like) and black clutch. I felt great, and confident!! Remember you wear the outfit  dont let it wear you! So once try something new, just remember anything goes ! Color is your friend guys, do not run from it. Prints are your friends as well.

Skirt and top: Boohoo.com
Shoes: Shoedazzle
Clutch: Francesca's

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