Sunday, November 9, 2014

Never Hurts to Try!!!

Have you ever seen something online or at a store and instantly thought to yourself, "that looks good on the mannequin, but it won't look half as good on me".  Have you ever found yourself not buying certain items because you felt that it would not look "as" good on you? Well, as with most women,  that has also happened to me on countless occasions. Until the day I decided to just try it out, I was shopping online at one of my fav online shops, and stumbled across a strapless sweetheart neck, body suit! Now, I have to admit, I'm a bit insecure about my midsection and was skeptical on how my body shape would look in a bodysuit, even if I paired it with a skirt. However, I decided to stop being a punk and actually purchase one.  After days of waiting, it came in the mail and I was so excited to how it would look on me.

It turns out that I loved it! And I paired it with pair of printed joggers and a slouch short sleeve blazer, all purchased from boohoo.  In general, when we face something we feel we won't like or look good in, we can not say  anything until we actually try it on, until we prove to ourselves that though we may be fearful, we are still willing to overcome our battles and confront the most honest parts of ourselves. In my opinion, there are many major rules of style (which I will discuss in a later post) but the main rule in this situation is ,wear something you feel comfortable and confident in. You create our own style, or look based on how comfortable and confident you feel when you look in the mirror.  So I would venture on to say, never lose the opportunity to try something new because you never know what victories you may achieve in the process. And if it turns out that you did not like the way the bodysuit looked on you, or anything else you tried out, at least you can say that you've tried it, that your wore the suit and it did not wear you. As Coco Chanel once said "Don't spend time beating on the wall, hoping it will transform into a door". Try things out and see what you can create, or how you can even feel.  Remember, you are in control of yourself, your feelings and your body!!!

Shoes- NineWest
Clutch- Francesca's
Necklace- Forever21


  1. I faced that problem so many times and regretted not getting the item. I remember growing up my mom always saying "Just try it on, you might like it". And there were times I absolutely loved it. Now that I buy my own clothes lol I always do as mama told me...
    Loving the blog!!!!!

    1. lol yesss!!! My mom always use to say it too and I would give her that look like "How about you try it on" lol. Thank you for supporting me!!! :) :)

  2. I've always found it hard to "dress nice and feminine" but you manage to be chic, structured and simple at the same time. This blog has really inspired me to try harder to put things together. Thanks!