Saturday, February 21, 2015

African print trench coat anyone???

Hi Lovelies, I'm back agaiiinnn!!!

Ok, so I really needed to share this post with you guys.  Lately,  apart of my simplicity venture, I am also trying new things with african print fabric, also known as ankara, or entoma. I wanted to get something made that I normally would never get, and I thought, what about a trench coat? Now, of course I was a bit nervous when the idea came to mind. However, being plus size, I was always told patterns were not good for someone my size. I guess that is why in the past I use to stick with only black. I never wanted to "look" any bigger, yes for some reason I actually believed that. But I removed the negative thoughts, and decided to try this look, and guess what?!! I think it's a hit guys!!! Below are the pics. I paired the trench coat with dark wash denim jeans, light brown booties and a cognac brown bag. I'm super excited and cannot wait to wear this come spring time.

Spring, where art though?

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to comment.  I'm also available through email ( and instagram, @foreign_curves.

Have a great week and stay warm! Don't worry, spring will be here soon, we have some outfits to slay!!!! <3


  1. Super amazing! Need this coat. Is there an etsy shop? Do you take requests?!

  2. Ohhh where oh where did you get this precious gem?!?!?! Finding it sooo hard to find Ankara pieces for plus size divas that don't cost an arm, a leg and some other body part. Would love some help! Thanks in advance. New subbie!