Saturday, February 21, 2015

Love for camel.....

Hi Lovlies!!

Hope everyone has been doing great! Today's blog post is dedicated to my love for camel, the color at least. I bought a camel colored jacket a while ago and I have fallen in love with just how good the color looks on certain outfits. Sometimes a certain color may also boost that look you need in an outfit. As you know my main goal is all about boosting confidence to make an outfit look great. Never forget, the key to any good outfit is how confident you feel.

Below are pictures of an outfit I recently wore for an outing. I chose these haram pants, because although it has a floral pattern, it still gives that winter look. I toped it off with a white turtleneck, and light brown booties. I ended the look with my favorite camel jacket to give it that simple but yet classy look. This is certainly my favorite winter look,  because of its simplicity and tone. As you may already know, I'm all about simplicity and confidence. Two things that I feel attribute greatly to an outfit and one's self esteem.

Camel Jacket:
Floral Harem Pants: Asos Curve
Turtleneck: RebDolls
Shoes: JustFab.

***Remember Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication***

Also I do apologize for the late post! But Trust you will see more outfits very often!!


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