Saturday, February 28, 2015

Relationship with prints...

Hi Lovelies!!

I hope everyone's week went smoothly!!

Today's post is a look I did for transitioning from winter into spring. Although, it is not spring yet, I think this look is perfect. The colors yell out winter but the floral print brings out that spring feel. Speaking of prints, I just need to speak out on the stereotype of prints adding more "weight" to a look, especially on a plus size body.   During this past week, I overheard someone say that they stick with solid colors, because anything else will make them look bigger. I thought it was funny because that was me a few years ago. In my last post, I mentioned the fear I use to have with prints mainly because I thought it would make me appear bigger. However,  I  found that to be false, it seriously goes back to our confidence and how we really feel about ourselves.  Prints, patterns,  I truly believe does not add weight to one's outfit, if anything it brings out more uniqueness and style. I personally love prints, patterns and even if it may add more "weight" to my look, what matters is how I feel in that outfit. I cannot stress enough the significance of confidence when it comes to finding your own style. Remember you are wearing the outfit, it is not wearing you and the people around you are not wearing it either.  Create a look that will make you feel good, and have you look back in the mirror yelling out "yeessssss". While you do that, I will enjoy my prints, patterns of all sorts and continue to share them with you.

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Jacket: Asos Curves
Denim Shirt: Forever21 Plus
Shoes: NineWest
Bag: thrifted

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