Sunday, March 8, 2015

Ankara styled in three ways...

Hi Lovelies!!!

Today post is going back to ankara, (african print). You will see a lot of ankara posts this coming spring and summer, the colors and prints (yes prints) just adds that extra pop to the season. This outfit was actually provided by my mother after her trip to Ghana. I never got a chance to wear and and I decided to create two extra along with it.  These looks are definitely great for spring! I am so excited to share it with you guys!

Look 1) Top with Maxi Skirt. (The original look)

Look 2) Denim Shirt with Maxi Skirt

Look 3) Which is my fav to say the least. Ankara top with ripped jeans


For Look 1, as stated before it was made in Ghana. However, you guys can get some yourselves. Check out, they have beautiful maxi skirts and ankara wear I am sure you all will love!  For look 2, the denim button up was purchased from Gap a few years ago. However, Forever21 (  has some great denim bottoms up on their site now, check it out at well if you want to create a similar look. Last but not least look 3, my favorite :). The jeans which I am in love with was purchased on Asos, on their curve line.

I will like to end this post with a quote by the one and only Kate Spade, "style is the sum of so many things, beginning with a sense of who you are and having self confidence". Keep styling and continue to let that confidence shine. When we do, trust me that is when we start living!!!

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  1. Hello Nita, I love the fact that you were able to create three different styles from one look. I love your style and admire your creations. I am new at trying to be fashionable, I really suck at putting outfits together. I really don't know how to match my colors and I truly want to dress well. Please help, Can you please write a post about people who are interested in trying to look fashionable like yourself or maybe a few tips for the beginners? Please and thank you. I love your style, You are so beautiful.