Friday, June 26, 2015

White Jeans, OH NO!

Hi Lovelies!!

Hope everyone is doing well. Today's blog post is dedicated to a pair of white jeans I purchased a while back on Asos Curve. The reason why I decided to feature these jeans are for two main reasons, One, it is white. I'm not sure about you guys, but I have heard countless of times that wearing white makes you look larger and as a plus size woman as stated before in other posts I never wanted to look larger than I already am. Now with my journey on facing my fears, I decided to purchased them. However, I was still afraid, believing that myth.  My second reason was that it did not fit! I purchased them online and it did not fit at all, even though it was the size I normally wear. So like every normal person would think, I thought about returning it and getting a bigger size, then I decided to challenge myself. I used this pair as a motivation to work out and get into those jeans. I desperately wanted to see how "large" I would look in white jeans but yet I did not want to get a bigger size. It may sound crazy but I actually did it. The day the jeans went passed my hips was probably one of the best accomplishing moments of my life thus far.

I decided to pair of jeans with a top from a set I also purchased from Asos. Below are the pics! 

Staying healthy and working out is very important. Anything can motivate you, even clothes. I used my love for fashion to get me started. My reason for working out is not to lose weight and fit society's idea of beauty but to remain healthy and strong. Hopefully, they will get baggy and I can do a cute baggy look for you guys! :) lol. 

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