Dear Denim Jumpsuit.....

Dear Denim Jumpsuit,

I must admit the first time I laid my eyes on you I was a bit scared. I mean, I finally put aside my leggings and decided to wear more denim, and here you go a whole denim jumpsuit.  I had to think about this purchase and ask myself, am I ready? Is my body ready? Should I just wait and become that perfect size for you?  Then finally with a leap a faith you ended up in my shopping cart. As I put you on and I modeled in the mirror, I had to cue "Feeling Myself" Beyonce ft. Nicki Minaj because you literally had me feeling like everything.  Thank you for allowing me to feel comfortable and sexy at the same time. 

LADIES never let fear stop you from trying new things remember that, this even pertains to fashion. If you don't like how you look, you can always return, but take the chance, try something you would never wear! Sometimes what we see in our minds is  different from what we actually see in the mirror. Just try it out, what can you lose? The world does not wait for anyone especially those who can not decide what to wear because of their perception of their body. Love you Live Now and be fabulous!!!

The denim jumpsuit is from forever21 plus!

Thank you for reading!!!! XOXOXOXOXOOOO  


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