Dear Tummy,

Dear tummy,

You know when I look in the mirror the first thing I see is you. How I hate seeing how big you are. Finally, I'm able to love all my rolls and extra baggage, but for some reason you're that one baggage I can't seem to stop thinking about. It's like you're just there trying to ruin all my outfits and pictures. I try to love you, I try to love all my body parts, but for some reason we don't seem to get along. I know exercise will bring you down, yes I do, but I still want to love you now.  I try my best to hide you, wear shape wear to avoid others noticing you but you always seem to pop out some way or another. But today I decide to stop working myself over you. Today I decide to be the person I try to be and love all parts of my body and embrace  you everyday. There's nothing wrong with loving you now and loving you later. Today I celebrate you by wearing a body con skirt, Faux leather, I must add so you can make an appearance. Let's show the world that the love is real, the self love, the body positive, the confidence, I can't be confident  about my body but yet still hate  you. I celebrate you by dressing you, not hiding you, and making sure you look good with that confidence accessory I always add. And the only thing I ask is that you forgive me. 


the one that tried to hide you and be ashamed of you. <3

Skirt and top are both from Forever 21plus, Shoes are from Top Shop and bag is from a local thrift store.

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