Go Sleeveless or go home!

I have sooo many insecurities that I am still trying to work on. Everyday when I think that I am getting better with this self love journey, something comes up. With my last post, do you know what I kept staring at the most? The whole entire pic I could not help but look at my arms. My arms were always an issue. Growing up I always wore sweaters, the typical big girl ashamed of her body story always includes her covering her arms. I wore sweaters in the summer time and would roll them half way when I got a little hot. My legs, my thighs, my arms were my biggest issues. However, I am really trying to accept my body, every part of it. Once again I am not saying I should love my body and  not choose a healthy life. I know what weight loss can do, I understand that, but must I cover up until I reach a goal that is acceptable to the world? Can I be able to love the body that I have right now? I choose to learn how to love each flaw I have, if I don't no one else will. With this being said I wore another sleeveless dress, a blazer vest to be exact. No jacket, no outwear, no cover up, just my arms and I.

I loved how this felt on my body, the dress really grabbed my curves, but most importantly I looked at the picture and I smiled at my arms. I hid them for so long, either I hid them or was so ashamed to have them out. I do not want to wait until I'm "smaller" to show my arms and I am not going to hide them forever. How long are you going to keep hiding your flaws to make society feel better about their rules? It is your body, you can love it now and love it when you reached any type of goal that you have set for your body. Time is going fast, it is going to be 2016 very soon, are you going to sit there and dwell on what you hate about yourself? Or are you finally  going to get up and wear something or do something you would not normally do ? Is it a crime to love who you are now, to look in the mirror and smile at yourself now? If you cannot love yourself now, are you sure you are really going to love yourself later? Come on, I know we  tend to procrastinate, but are we in a time in which we put the love of ourselves on hold? The world must love and accept our bodies before we love it ourselves? I think not. I conquered the fear of my tummy, and I now choose to conquer the fear of my arms. I am going to love my arms and wear sleeveless  dresses . It is my body and I choose to love every part of it, I choose to love myself and live now. You have a choice on whether to love who you are in your current state or continue to dwell on your flaws while life passes you by. #LoveYOULiveNow, the choice is yours. 

Dress: Fashion To Figure

Shoes: Steve Madden

Earrings: H&M

Bag: Aldos 

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