Transition to Fall, Mustard Yellow

Up until now, I tried my best to stay away from colors because I strictly believed that black would make me look slimmer. My wardrobe consisted of black and dark blue, and maybe some color here and there.  I allowed fear to stop me from wearing a lot of different clothing and I finally taking control. Recently while shopping on ASOS my jaw just dropped when I saw a mustard yellow pencil skirt. The color really grabbed my attention and I instantly thought of FALL! It was the perfect yellow to transition from summer to fall.

I am ending this blog post with a quote by Theodor Roosevelt, Yes Theodor Roosevelt. He once said, "Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing." This is something I constantly want to stress to you guys, especially when it comes to fashion and finding your personal style. Do not allow fear to stop you from trying out anything or stop you from feeling comfortable in your body. Your body is yours and once you own up to it, you will indeed feel way better than you have ever felt. Love you live now and continue to try new clothing and continue to find your personal style.

Thanks for reading! 

Check out  pics of how I styled this skirt. 

Top: Forever21plus, Skirt: Asos Curves, Shoes: Paperdolls, Necklace: H&M 

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