That little WHITE dress......

Hi Lovelies!

Hope everyone had a great week!!

Today's post is dedicated to that little white dress, you know the white dress we sometimes trade in for the little black dress. Apparently the little black dress makes us look "slimmer" so why not stick to black and keep the white dress all the way in the black of our closet? Right? 

Not necessarily. I love white dresses, especially because we can do so much with a white dress, it leave a lot of play room for us. We can pair it up with so many outerwear such as blazers, leather jackets, even trench coats! Accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, handbags are so much fun to play with when we have our "white canvas" ready!  However, do not forget the best accessory to pair this look with, CONFIDENCE! I recent purchased a white dress from, a site that is  dedicated to making clothing for all sizes! My dress is a 1X, and I kept it simple by pairing it up with my favorite blue Vince Camuto shoes and beaded black and white clutch from H&M. Simplicity and confidence is such a great pair!!

Tell me what you think and do not be afraid to ask me anything!


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