Getting over the DRESSING ROOM

April 5th, 2009 meet October 15th, 2016

The last time I ever stepped into a dressing room was on April 5th 2009, to fit on prom dresses. I will never forget my mother’s frustration as we looked for dresses that were in larger sizes that would fit my body. The experience was very disappointing. Disappointing that my attempt to starve myself for three months didn't work as I thought, or even my attempt to exercise and get right for prom didn't come out as planned. So disappointing that the sales woman will come in to check on me just for me to tell her it's too big or  for her to tell me my size didn't even exist in a particular style. 

Ever since then, I promised myself I wouldn't go back. I didn't want to face the mirror. I didn't want to face the sales woman. I didn't want to walk out empty handed because I couldn't fit into anything. And this is why online shopping became my best friend. 

Fast Forward to October 15th, 2016. I attended a fundraiser and style event held by Fashion to Figure. This event included the chance to get styled by two Brooklyn bloggers and style experts, Peggy of @ontheqtrain and Jezra M, of @Jezra_M. I attended to support my fellow bloggers and of course Fashion to Figure, what I didn't know was that it would be the day that will change my life. 

I walked around looking, smiling, until Jezra mentioned that she was waiting for me to pick something out and walk the runway. "The runway??"

" I don't have shape wear on, I can't wear a dress".

"And where would I even try on dresses? Where? God not the dressing room!!!!" 

These where all the thoughts that ran through my mind. 

As we walked towards the dressing room, I was nervous and began sweating just a bit. But I was trying to remain calm, didn't want everyone around me to sense my fear and anxiety.  

 I entered the dressing room. Looked at the selections Jezra picked out for me, and stared at them. Then stared at the mirror. My mind instantly went back to April 5th.  I had to get myseld together. I wanted to run out but I knew I couldn't. I was finally here, I was finally in a dressing room. I needed to do it. So I DID. 

I tried on the dresses, skirts, jackets, one



And it got easier. It got easier, looking in the mirror, it got easier analyzing the selections. Seeing what looked good instantly without trying to imagine how it would look,  when  shopping online.

I started to feel, dare I say it..  comfortable.  Yea, that's it. I was comfortable trying on dresses, skirts, even jeans in a dressing room. Even though Fashion to Figure is a plus size store, just the fact that I was not home trying something on was just different for me, but I did it. I faced it, I faced my fears. Even importantly, I scored this beautiful dress! 

You see sometimes we have to face our fears. Running away from it never helps at all. We will never grow in life, until we face everything that put us down and  everything that made us feel less of ourselves. It took me seven years to step into a dressing room just to find out that it is not as bad as I thought. Just to find out I wasted waiting 3-5 business days waiting for a dress when I could have saved time and stepped into a store. 

Never let your fears control you. Face them, because trust me, the end result is not as bad as you think. 

Special thanks to Fashion To Figure for having this event, and Peggy and Jezra for being such great hosts! Also a bigger thanks to Jezra for picking out this cute dress! 

Click the link below to purchase this dress! Word on the street is that it is on sale!!

Photography Credit : Caitee Smith Photography 

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