What is your fantasy outfit? Featuring Pop Up Plus

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Hope everyone is doing great!!

I have one question for you guys today, what is your fantasy outfit? And what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it a gown, or something with colors, or something short, or better yet, something you would not imagine on yourself because of a flaw you feel you may have? 

Well when I think of a fantasy outfit, the first thing that comes to mind is C O N F I D E N C E. For me, a fantasy outfit is something that makes me feel confident, whether it is colorful, short, or long. It has to be a piece I would wear and can look in the mirror and see a queen.  An outfit that give me the fierceness  that normally no other outfit can give me, an outfit that most people will think someone my size should not wear.  Most importantly an outfit that in the past I would never wear because of my own insecurities and or rules that I set for myself.

It is funny, but we live in a society in which feeling good in our own bodies is such a far stretched idea, that when it comes down to loving yourself, it becomes a fantasy.

It is  hard to love yourself in public without hearing harsh comments about your body and your health. It is crazy to believe, but being ok with who you are seems to be a crime, especially on social media. As soon as you show a little confidence, here comes the health experts, telling you they can make you have a better life by losing weight. 

If that is the case then I guess me loving who I am and what I wear is a "fantasy" and I do not mind living in my own world, happy. 

With this being said, I have several looks to share with you guys on my take of my fantasy outfits. Each outfit that I am going to share all, I mean all gives me that authority, that sexiness to add my sassiness, classy, but yet sophisticated and a drop of confidence that makes each outfits perfect for me. 

All the outfits that I am going to feature are from Pop Up Plus,  an online and pop up shop for my fashionistas starting from size 14 and up. 

Here we go with look 1

The color, the style, I just felt so cute with this piece. It's perfect for the spring.

Look 2, Yellow Mellow!! Another perfect piece for the spring. Honestly, guys I felt so much like a diva in this, the off the shoulder look always gives me life!

Look 3, Lady in..White Part 1. For some reason, I always use to run away from white. Never wanted to look bigger in white, always had that rule stuck in my head "black makes you slimmer" But well, in my fantasy world, white does not make me look slimmer, it makes me look beautiful. 

Look 4, Lady in White part 2. Another rule I also use to have stuck in my head was that when a bigger size woman wears white it draws too much attention.. Well...L O O K  A T  M E . Also what I do love most about this dress is the bottom, I love the idea of a tulle at the bottom of a dress, for me it gives me that classy  feel. The best part about this dress is that it comes in different colors. 

Look 5. This is similar to look 1,and the color, the cut and the flare just scream cuteness. This is another piece perfect for spring and summer!

Look 6. Let's go sleeveless! Summer is around the corner and soon we would have  to put those sweaters away! As much as I may want to hide my arms, I have to let them go, and let's start with this dress!  The colors alone scream summer time!!! This is definitely one my fantasy outfits because for once I was not stressing about my arms but rather how the whole dress looked on me. I can't hide it, but I love it!! 

Look 7. Thank God for Spring!! Apart from beautiful flowers, for me spring time brings out beautiful colors such as this!! This is perfect for brunch, or any day event, if you ask me.

Look 8, let's say hello to Carmen! This just screams sexxyyy!!!!! When I first put this on, the first thing I said was " new dress, who this?" Perfect for a rooftop party, or even date night with that special someone <3

Look 9, Yes I cropped!! Now the reason why this is a fantasy outfit, because I'm tired of hearing I cannot wear crop tops because of my size and my belly. But when I put on this two piece, I thought " What do you mean I CAN'T wear crop tops, I look GOOOODD!!! A two piece will always be my fantasy outfit because I have the most confidence when I wear it. The fact that I am told I can't but the mirror tells me otherwise, is enough reason to wear a two piece. 


Let's start turning our fantasy outfits into realities by wearing what we feel good in no matter what.  Stop thinking what ifs, or rethinking a look you've always wanted to wear, because of what others might say.  Show me your fantasy outfit by using #fantasyintoreality #LoveYOULiveNow and I will repost your look on my Instagram page, @foreign_curves

Remember you can find all these pieces at www.popupplusonline.com



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