Confidence does not equate....

Hi Lovelies,

One of my favorite bloggers, NaturallyFashionable, mentioned something in regards to confidence and plus size women and I just had to speak on it. It is  really tiring to see,  a plus size woman wear a dress or wear less clothes and the first comments are 

"Wow, you have confidence" 

"Amazing, wish I can be as confident as you"

The interesting about thing is, if a smaller size woman wore the same outfit, confidence would not be the first comment. Being confident is not about wearing clothes that people think it is not appropriate for your body type. Being confident, for me, is about loving the person you see every morning, no matter what others think.

Being confident is knowing who you are, and loving every bit of it.

Being confident is all about self love, when you love yourself, others see it and that is when the confidence shine. Your attitude, your posture, you knowing and believing that you are worth more than gold and no one and their opinions can destroy that attitude. That is confidence.

When one can be who they are, despite what society tells them and still are happy with themselves, that is confidence.

Confidence does not happen over night, and to me, confidence is developed as a result of self love as mentioned before . Self love produces that attitude and reassures you that you are perfect in your own way, and when you begin to love yourself everything changes. Perspective on life even changes...

With that being said, here is a look from Fashion To Figure. This look is a perfect example of a picture that people will yell out "confidence, yeah!!!". Yes I do appreciate the comments, but do not tell me I am confident because I am wearing something you feel that someone my body type should not wear.

Do not tell me I am confident because you feel that I am too fat, too short, too this or too that to wear what I want to wear.

My confidence with this look, came from me feeling like I was the hottest thing that day. My body, my smile, everything to me was/ is perfect. My confidence is a result of the death of self hate.

Both skirt and top are from Fashion to Figure, a shop that proves that fashion is not limited to size and that bigger women are allowed to look and feel their best. Go to right now and check out their latest collection!





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