Is white, alright?

Hi Lovelies!

Hope you guys had a great week, despite any negativity that you may have come across. Today's big question.. Is White, Alright? 

Now I have spoken a lot about my past fears of wearing white, and bright colors in general. I am also aware that there are people who still try to shy away from wearing white, mainly because white reveals everything on your body in comparison to black. A white dress, outlines a shape that you may not want to the world to see. Sometimes, it has a funny way to remind you to get back to the gym, or persuade you from eating that extra cookie. It is even funnier how the color white is seen as a pure color; however on our bodies we white as a evil color,  because it illustrates flaws that we try to hide from the world including ourselves.  

The crazy thing about this idea of wearing the color white, is literally all in our heads, well in mine at least. In the past when I had the option of wearing white, I would normally venture for a colorblock look. I would wear white as a top, but something dark on the bottom, to hide what I feel is my biggest midsection, that big old tummy.

But this year, that is all changing. I am not going to allow a color, to stop me from simply looking my best. I joined  Fashion To Figure for their white party collection. And guess what, I went outside with all these three looks, and the world did not collapse. No one looked at me in disgust, and if they did, I did not see it, because I only saw myself and my smile. After this,  I realized that white is indeed my color and, if anyone has a problem with seeing my flaws, then

                                                           DEAL WITH IT. 

Summer is almost here ladies, let's not allow our thoughts or the rules of society makes us feel less then, and determine our fashion choices. In fact, let's celebrate our bodies, the bodies that accomplished goals people would never imagine, the bodies that proved our strength,

the bodies society deems not worthy of love,

the bodies God created, 

the bodies we try to to destroy

the bodies that just want us to love them back

the bodies that we see everyday,

the bodies that do not define our character


Let's start the party with look one,

This was so big for me, I mean literally the only colors you see with this outfit are my shoes and shades. All white, and guess WHAT, felt more than alright, felt fabulous. The glasses may have also added that affect to it. :)

Auburn High Low Peplum Top :

White Skinny Jeans:

Look two, that little white dress

This was honestly my second favorite look. My first reaction when I tried on the dress was too funny. For some reason, I was surprised that I did not look that bad. In fact, I stared at myself in the mirror in awe that ; I came this far, wearing my little white dress, revealing my big arms and stretch marks. Hey new Anita, looking good there.

White Peplum Dress: 

Third look, surprisingly my favorite.

Honestly, my first reaction with this dress was simply different. This was something I would shy away from because to me, it revealed my major flaw. But then again at the same time I felt beautiful. Sometimes we have to stop thinking about our flaws, we cannot let that consume us to the point that we run away from simple things, like a dress. 

Off Shoulder Lace Dress:

White symbolizes pure, with THIS I celebrate my body, it is pure. 

White symbolizes pure, with THIS I celebrate my body, it is pure. 

White is considered as perfection, I celebrate my body, it is perfect

White is considered as perfection, I celebrate my body, it is perfect

Today and everyday, let's celebrate our bodies and who we are.  Let's embrace our identities, ourselves, and let us keep living. LoveYOULiveNow, wear white, because it is quite alright.

Thank you for stopping by!!! Be sure to comment and let me know your thoughts. Special thanks to Fashion to Figure, make sure to go on the site today, and find the perfect looks for the summer, and grab a few white outfits too!! :) 

Photography: Rochelle, IG: @Fatleopard.jpg