Fat girl and stripes, total perfection!

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Hope everyone is doing well!! And yes, I do have another blog post to share with you guys this week. I know, I'm on a roll so far with these posts! Yayy me!!

But seriously guys, seriously, I have a major question to ask, Why do we limit our clothing choices sooooo much??????  We  allow color, prints, styles, to limit what we want to wear, based on those rules. You know the rules every woman abides by, for some strange reasons. Which leads to me topic today, stripes.

  I recently had a conversation on this topic and someone mentioned  that bigger size women should never wear stripes. Now, when I heard that statement, my eyes just widen. The reasons I also heard was even more preposterous to me.  This was the reason given,

  " plus size women are already big, stripes just make them look larger then they already are, it's not saving them, it's rather destroying their whole outfit, no offense to you Anita"

Sheesh, talk about a deep reason.

So now, stripes is another print per se that once again makes you look fat. First we have, fat girls cannot wear white, now, they also cannot wear stripes.

First and foremost, before I get into this, I just want to say that the word "fat" should not be associated so negatively. 

Being fat, should not be an insult, no matter how cliche that sounds. Being "fat" does not determine who you are. The word fat, generally describes someone's size, but does not describe their personality, their fashion choices, or simply just them.

I find it hilarious just  when someone says " oo well, you're fat"  as an insult and my response is normally like "Yea I know, but my name is Anita"  To me it's like stating that the sky is blue. My weight is my weight, but what makes me who I am, does not include my weight. 

So that's one!

Two,  now that we understand fat does not equate something negative or an insult, let's move on to when we should only wear stripes.


You know why, because it's on our bodies, not the worlds', and if I look in the mirror and I know I look good, there is nothing anyone can say.



Fashion  to me means a popular trend, and right now stripes are in fashion, and even better they look good on any size. My size does not determine what I can wear or what I  cannot wear, what I see and how I feel in the mirror does.

Let's stop allowing rules to alter what we want to wear. Try it on and if you like it, own it.

Look, here are more pics of me, fat, and wearing stripes. 

Top and bottom are from Eloquii.

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