Bucket List

Hi everyone!!!

Hope you guys are doing well!!

The weather right now is gorgeous and it is making me so excited for the summer. Have you guys heard of a bucket list? For those who have not, a bucket list is a list of achievements a person hopes to achieve during their lifetime. I decided to create my own bucket list, a fashion bucket list. My fashion bucket list will include clothing I've always wanted to wear such as shorts, strapless top, bodycon dresses, plunge neck dresses, basically everything that I felt uncomfortable in because of insecurities. 

I've always felt that the summertime was the time for me to hide because, of the heat it would mean no jackets, no coverups, basically less clothing and I have never been ready for that. It's crazy how I believed that my size was not allowed in the summer because it would mean people would have to see parts of my body I hid all winter long. I remember growing up, I would wear sweaters no matter the temperature during the summertime. I would wear baggy jeans, long sleeve shirts, and when I was forced to take off a sweater, I NEVER understood why I would get weird looks. If anything, I thought I was saving people from seeing something that society deemed ugly and unhealthy. I thought I was doing everyone a favor.

Oh I wish I had a throwback picture of those days, but then again those days I would literally run away from the camera, and mirrors. But the truth of the matter is, I just did not want to be reminded of what I looked like.

It's interesting, every summer I would remember those days, the old Anita and, I never want to bring her back.  Soooo this summer I decided to embrace my body as much as I can, by creating my fashion bucket list. 

The first thing I have on my bucket list is a strapless top. Believe it or not, I try as hard as possible to run away from strapless tops because I feel that people focus on my arms, stretched marks, my neck.. yea I could go on and on. 

But mentally I am trying to erase every negative thing I once thought of about my body, every negative thing about my body I said to myself out loud when I looked in the mirror. Wait, did I say I am trying, no, I am ERASING every negative thing! 

With that being said, I found the perfect strapless top from Fashion to Figure.  The colors are perfect for the summer, and although I felt a bit weird when I tried it on, throughout the day I became more and more comfortable with the look. There was a point where I smiled randomly looking at my reflection, because the old Anita, would not wear this. 

Trust me, coming out of your comfort zone, and trying to live for yourself is the hardest thing to ever do. The journey to self love is the hardest journey, and without my God I have no idea how far I can get. But I am telling you guys, remove the negative thinking you have for your body and enjoy life. Summer time is approaching and we actually have to pack away our sweaters, jackets, turtle necks, everything and just enjoy the weather. And one thing I am learning is the thoughts you think others are thinking of you may not even be the case. You can spend your summer worrying about what others will say about the parts of your body in which you are insecure about ORRRRR you can enjoy the sun, love and live!!

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