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Today, I want to share the five reasons why I am obsessed with Eloquii, an online retailer that offers fashion apparel  from size 14 to 24 and some amazing accessories.

Lets begin...... 

1) FITT! The fit from Eloquii is amazing!! I know the hardest thing for me at least, about shopping online is making sure I am ordering the right size. When I shop online I take forever, because I start to look at the sizing, and the material, and reviews, just to make sure I won't have to deal with returning back the item. However, this is not the case with Eloquii.  You can actually order the size you wear and know for a fact that it is  going to fit. In shorter words, their sizes are absolutely true to size.

2) The style is inevitable. This brand definitely keeps up with the latest fashion trends and includes it in every piece they have. For example, the off- the shoulder look. Right now off- the shoulder tops, and dresses are the biggest trend of the summer and Eloquii definitely took note of that. 

Check out this off the shoulder top I found on their site!

This top is a size 16, and the fit is perfect. 

This top is a size 16, and the fit is perfect. 

3) STRIPPPEEESSSSS. Because of them I love stripes!  Now I know you are probably like what? But yes,  I've never seen stripes look more effortless to wear then the different stripe looks Eloquii has to offer. Already, plus size women are told to stay away from stripes, but Eloquii gives me more reasons to add more to my wardrobe.

Check out this fabulous stripe dress! 

The size for this dress is also a 16

The size for this dress is also a 16

4) Rule breakers!!! That's the first thing I can always say about Eloquii. They break all the rules that is given to the plus size fashion community and prove over and over again that one's body can wear just about anything! 

5) Confidence. Sometimes we just need THAT dress or THAT top gives us that confidence we need in our wardrobe, and trust me you can find those at Eloquii!  After the top and dress I purchased from them, I've never felt so happy in a top, or even a dress with stripess!!! 



Photography Credit: Erika Renee Photography


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