This day in age I have come to the realization that with anything you do someone will  always have a problem with it. Whether if you're loving your body, working out, wearing fashionable clothes, having a significant other, it does not matter.

The best way to conquer shammers is to be you!! And the best way to being yourself is to doing things that you make you happy and not what makes others "comfortable". 

During my recent trip to Ghana I did just that. I did something plus size women there probably would not find okay. I walked on the streets of Accra wearing a bodycon and feeling great about it. Not worrying about my visible belly line, nor what other will say of my extra rolls.

I walked gracefully, smiled, and confidentiality posed, taking shots to prove to my country that my size is not something to stare at.

Not something to mock, not something to warn others of. 

My size does not represent the country,  nor my family, or habits.

My size does not dictate my eating habits, or my lifestyle.

I walked in the streets of Accra, proud, of my country and myself.

I conquered my shammers by being me.

Confident, proud and lovable.

And I hope this year give you guys the strength to the do same.

Be you, love you, live life for you! 

Anita MateyComment