I have exciting news! I am so excited to share that I started on a youtube channel!!!!! and starting this channel was such a struggle for me, not because of resources but because of fear.    

I have been thinking about doing this channel for a while not but I was scared. For me, YouTube is like another world, and that just terrified me. I'm the same girl who would get super nervous anytime she hit the 'publish' button on her blog. I mean, it's nerve wrecking giving people some access to your life and having to see absurd comments. But what's also beautiful about this journey is opening and, sharing your story, sharing your struggle, and being able to inspire others. And that I want honestly pushed me to start YouTube! 

I have a story, and I am on this journey on self-love, and I want you guys to be apart of it. And this journey involves more than just talking about who hurt me or how I hurt myself emotionally and so on, but it is also about fashion, trying to dominate the fashion world and proving that size should not define anything. It is also about dating, the ups, and downs! It's about a lifestyle, my whole lifestyle and this is what I want to bring to my channel.

I recently uploaded a video discussing body image and identifying if it's really just a female issue. Check out the link below and make sure to subscribe!!

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