Welcome 2017!!!!

Happy New Year loves!!!!!

Can you guys believe it? It's 2017!!!! wowwwwwww!!!

 Every first  months  of the year we all decide to set goals to accomplish right? Some goals we set  others might say are far fetched, and  some goals we just forget about them during the middle of the year.  It's sad but it's our reality.  

However, I still would like to set out a few goals for myself, and I am desperately praying that I will remember and stick to them until December of 2017! 

The first goal is to remember to put myself first. You guys are probably wondering, "umm really Anita ? why?" I'm setting this as a goal because it is very important to me. You are important, and sometimes we tend to forget. Self care is very important, and I plan on reminding myself how important I am by taking care of myself mentally and physically. 

Another goal is to remember my worth. Sometimes things come up, problems come up, haters come up, and the negativity draws in and tears you apart.

No matter what negativity  comes my way, I'm going to remind myself my worth. That I am better than the negativity, the taunters, the downers, basically better than the haters. No words can bring me down, because I know my worth. 

I guess you can cay, I do not necessarily have goals, just reminders. Reminders that will help me be better not for anyone else but myself. I guess you can also say 2017 is about self love and self care, more than anything. The only way we can go up is by putting ourselves first and following our dreams. Trust me, when you love, and respect yourself, nothing can stop you from accomplishing anything!!!

Let's welcome 2017 with positivity and love!! I  welcome 2017 with hope, determination and prayer that it will be a great year for the books, with this fabulous dress from http://www.gcgme.com/

Photography: Dilan, Instagram: Dilan_fotografi

Dress: http://www.gcgme.com/

Thank you loves!!!!

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