Plus size, fitness and body positivity: what's the issue??

Lately, one thing that has been bothering me is this whole issue between plus size and fitness. The issue for me is how people make it problematic when a woman who has always proclaim her confidence decides to be healthier. The first reaction is "But I thought you loved yourself", "How can you speak on dieting and fitness and tell people you love your body". Or my absolute favorite, "You're not about body positivity at all". But wait a second, how does that even make sense??


Body positivity to me is about loving and appreciating all types of bodies. My self-love journey has been a long journey and I have reached the point where I can actually pass by windows, see my reflection, and not think less of myself. I can go shopping with my skinny friends and not feel embarrassed. I can actually have the courage to go to malls, try on clothes, and actually be okay when something doesn't fit. My journey has reached the point that now I want to work out just because. I want to hit the gym, do Zumba, kill the treadmill and be more active, just because. It’s not because I hate myself or want to lose weight, but because I just want to be more active. That's it. And that makes me happy, just the fact that I want to work out for myself and not for anyone else is growth!!! 

To celebrate my new journey of being more active, I found some of the cutest active wear from Fashion to Figure. Below are some pics of my fav active wear from FTF!


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