Tall and short inseam styles only at Fashion to Figure!!

Heyyyyy guys!!!!

I am soo excited to share that Fashion To Figure has released a new denim collection for the shorties like myself, and those beautiful tall babes out there!! Bree, from TallSociety and I, were able to try them out and add our own style to them! 

Guys, normally when I wear denim, the bottom always looks weird because of my height.  I am 4'11 but on a good day I am 5 feet exactly lol, but I still either have to get the bottom of my jeans shortened a bit, or find a way to rock it.  So trust me when I say I was super excited when I found out about their new collection.  

Check out our pics below! 

Check out www.fashiontofigure.com and check out their denim collection! 

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