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Today's post is about taking risks. Yes, that's right, taking risks! In life we try to play on the safe side so much that we end up losing out on so many things, and we allow fear to play a big role in our lives. We also allow our feelings of fear, pity, and embarrassment to disrupt our lives causing us to lose out on great opportunities. We begin to lose the idea of faith, positivity, and believing that the opinions of the world is more important than our own being. 

Taking risks also plays a part in fashion and our personal style. Many of us are scared to try something new, something we wouldn't ever wear mainly because of what others might think. We feel as if we are "breaking the rules". You know, those silly fashion rules that apparently everyone has to live by. *rolls eyes*  

Sometimes the rules don't apply! For instance, wearing stripes doesn't have to be so scary. Try it out before you jump on the ship and say "because of my size or my height I can't wear stripes". Sometimes you don't always have to wear all black just to "look slimmer". Brighten up your life and throw some color on. You don't always have to play it safe just to avoid criticism because no matter what you wear, or what size you are, PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY, indefinitely.  

Take risks in fashion! Be daring! Be you! Be sexy! Wear and do what makes you feel great!

I decided to take my own advice and take a little risk with my wardrobe. So by now you guys all should know how much I love Rue 107, and their mission of making sure every women of every size feels beautiful and sexy.

Rue 107 recently released the most sexiest mesh body suit ever! When I first saw it I was like wow!! Then I saw Frankie Tavares, an amazing plus size model, rocking it and I fell in love again. Now, I have worn a body suit probably once in my life but it wasn't like this. I felt like I couldn't wear this particular body suit and I started naming all the things wrong with my body. 

I stared at this bodysuit and said to myself "Girl you don't have the body for that, your stomach is not that flat." 

"Your boobs won't look as good as it does in the model." 

"Anita stop this ain't for you booboo, don't do it to yourself."

Yes, I am my worst critic at times.  

Then I thought, what if I would actually look good. I mean I do want to add some sexy to my look, so why can't I? Who cares if my stomach isn't that flat, or my boobs aren't as big. It doesn't hurt to try and just take the risk. The worst that can happen is that I'll learn a lesson and realize mesh bodysuits just aren't for me. 


With this new mindset, I purchased the body suit with velvet wide leg pants, another piece I haven't worn before, and surprisingly I felt great. The bodysuit though?!!  I mean I looked in the mirror like "Yesssss Anita is that you?!! "  

*Yes although I am my worst critic, but I am also my best hype man ever!** 

Check out my pics below!!!



The bodysuit is a 1x, and the pants are a 2x. I think I should have gone a size down on the pants to a 1x. I felt like it was a bit big on me, but apart from that I loved the whole look!  

The one thing I truly love about Rue107 is that they do not discriminate by size. So all my fashionistas out there who are not that daring or can't imagine taking risks, girls you better do it!!! And make sure to check out

And remember, LOVE YOU LIVE NOW  

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Photos by Caitee Smith Photography  

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