My beach body Featuring Forever21 Plus

Summer is almost here and you know what that means??? Beach days!! Swimwear, and nothing but the sun and some cute shades!! 


Years ago, I use to dread the summer time. The thought of having to wear less clothes, and revealing parts of my body that I hid in the winter time, scared the crap out of me. No way was I ready for the world to see my extra flabby arms, and to judge me for having stretch marks all over my body. 


I was the girl who would rather wear a hoodie all summer long then to be seen. I was the girl would never be caught on the beach yet alone wear a bathing suit. 


Then finally I let those worries go. I let those thoughts escape my mind. I finally decided to LIVE. To have fun, to enjoy life and stop hiding. I decided to stop being my own bully. To stop criticizing my body all the time and give my body the chance to be comfortable, to relax, to be free. 

The best part about this is that now there are so many brands that are helping me live this type of freedom with my body. There are so many brands and designers that are finally giving plus size women bathing suits they deserve and I couldn't be any happier. 

We've gone from having one piece swimsuits that are only found all the way in the back at the stores to bikinis, high-waisted, and even cute cover ups!  

Today I'm highlighting some cute swimwear from Forever21 Plus. Forever 21 Plus has the cutest swimwear at the most affordable prices. 

Let's begin with my first piece,

In this swimsuit, for the bottom, I am wearing a 2X and a 1X for the top. I love the colors in this swimsuit and the sizes was true to size. 

Below are direct links to this swimsuit

Next, we have the second swimsuit. This is I absolutely love because I am the type that would wear the top with some high waisted jeans during the summer! LOL. Listen, I love being able to wear clothing pieces in different ways, including swimsuits! 

With this swimsuit, the top is a 1x and the bottom is a 2x. 

My favorite part of this is the Mesh detail of both the top and the bottom!!! 

Here's the last swim look for today! 

This is also a fave of mine. For the top, I am wearing a 1x and the bottom is a 2x. However, I feel like I could have sized down to a 1x for the bottom, it felt a bit loose on me, apart from that I loved it! 

Direct links are below:

The bottom is sold out but below is another option that would be a great pair with the top

Just remember there's no wrong way to having a bikini body. If you insists on having one, it's ver simple...

Just put on a bikini and GO!! Love you, live now and enjoy every bit of summer this year!!

Photography Credit: Ike Slimster, Instagram: slimstergraphy



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