No Dulling Featuring L'aviye

      One thing about me that you may not know is that I love wearing black. And not because it makes you slimmer, but because for me when I wear black I can easily play with colors, whether it's makeup or adding a bold accessory, or even with shoes. Wearing black is basically like my canvas, because I get to decide what I want to create, or use it as a base to create my whole look.

With this being said, I styled up an all black look with a kente bomber from L'aviye.


      L'aviye is an Ankara online store in the U.K.   Their goal is to combine vibrant and bold traditional African fabrics with Western styles to create the 'African Meets Western' look. I love the fact that they have great styles for ALL sizes.  Also, they are true to size, which is great for an online brand. The size of my bomber is a size 16, I would size it up to an 18 though for jackets. I normally size up with jackets anytime.


I love this bomber because it gives me a chance to rep my culture. Anytime I get a chance to rep my Ghanaian culture,  I'll grab it. 


Check out the site for yourself for other cute Ankara styles for the summer.

Photography: Caitee Smith, Instagram: Caitee Smith Photography

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