Blogger Crush Wednesday featuring FashBerries

Before I finally got the guts to begin blogging, there were so many bloggers I looked up to and was always in awe of, still am.

Both straight and plus size bloggers. But today I want to share one in particular, her name is Priscilla Buah, of Fashberries.  Now, what made her so amazing to me, besides the fact that she's also Ghanaian, :) is her style. I remember, being 20 years old, and never missing a day to check out her blog. Always filled with excitement to see new posts and sometimes disappointments when  thought I didn't see any new posts.

Saying to myself,  "Priscilla, mama where you at ?!! What you got on today? " then boom she hits me with a look that reminded me just who she was.

Here are some of her pics below of her recent looks. 



As the years gone by, and new trends came to play, she's still able to stay trendy but yet keep to her own personal style. From her use to colors, to prints, to even statement pieces such as bags and earrings...........

yea I can go on and on about her

but I mean that's why I'm crushing her style, her style is effortless to me. 

In honor of this post, I wanted to do one of her looks and add my own twist to it. I decided to go with this look right here. 



What I love about this look is how she styled the skirt with the belt. Adding a belt gives it such a feminine slay to me.  

So I went straight to my favorite site, Eloquii, and found a cute belt. Now instead of a striped top, I wanted to do something more with my top, so I picked a tassel top from Eloquii, and finished this look with a button down midi skirt. And sometimes, I have moments when I love adding a splash of color, I decided to take this time to do so. 

Here is my finished look. 



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***All my pictures were taken by Caitee Smith. her website is

Check out her site and make sure to book her!! 



Have a blessed week everyone!!  


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