A Better Version......

I have moments when I get into crazy fitness modes, and because of my lack of commitment, my crazy fitness modes last about a month. I know I am working on it

However, during one of those moments, a friend I use to work out with had a weird way of encouraging me. Her words were kind of harsh, but I just saw it as her way of pushing me.   But, it was what she said that still echos in my mind till this day. 

“Come on Anita, don’t you want to see a better version of yourself” 

What did that mean, a better version of me? So when I hear this, automatically that means weight loss.  Does weight loss equate to a better version of one's self?  Maybe....maybe not.

"Better version of yourself".....at first sounds encouraging but when you question the source and nature of it, it's only referencing the version of you that society and everyone THINKS is the ideal....,

"Better version of yourself" does not consider what you are comfortable with or what you are happy with or what your choices are, it is a projection of a mantra that society rings out into our ears over and over, be the you that we like to see and many of us feel the need to understandably bow to the pressure. Still, I had to take a step back and realize it's what she wanted for me, not what I was happy with...

"Better version of yourself"....

A better version of Anita is a woman who does not allow her mind to rule  over her body..

A better version of Anita is a woman who can look in the mirror and know she's beautiful with or without makeup... with our without clothes. 


A better version of Anita, is a woman who does not allow society to tell her who she is and who she should be based on her weight....


What is the better version of yourself? 


Bra and Panty from AdoreMe

Pictures by Ike Slimster, Instagram: Slimstergraphy

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