Inhale courage, exhale doubt

Hi loves!! 

Today's post is about the truth behind fear. Fear is an interesting feeling. Fear stops us from doing so much, whether it's going after that job, or starting that business you've always wanted, or even taking that chance to talk to that person you've always wanted to date. Fear holds us back a lot. Even in fashion, fear prevents us from wearing what we want to wear, and it stops us from being daring. But what I have come to realize that is that fear is a result of our thoughts. What we think, it's our mindset, and that is what brings out the fear.

I am a very fearful, I never seem to trust myself. I guess you can say, as much as I talk about loving yourself, I didn't realize a part of the self-love journey included trusting yourself. Trusting that you can do anything you put your mind to, trusting your judgment, believing in yourself, and most importantly believing that God has a plan for your life, and with Him every and anything is possible. 


With this being said, I  decided not to think negatively and allow fear control to my life. My first step towards this was to audition for the Miss Full Figure NY pageant.  You're probably wondering why this would be the first step. Well auditioning for something like that has always terrified me, because I always believed little old me would never be chosen to run in anything yet alone a pageant. But that the problem, the negative thinking, that's what we have to erase. Before going to the audition I kept asking myself "What are you doing??" and saying to myself " Girl, stop!!! you know they are not going to pick you". 

These thoughts made me soo nervous and scared!  I almost walked out of the audition. I looked over at everyone and smiled and realized I couldn't leave. I needed to prove to myself that  I could do it. I needed to inhale courage and exhale doubt. I needed to put the fear aside, and believe in myself. 

Long story short, I ended up being selected to compete in the pageant, all because I was myself and left the fear outside the door.  Once I stopped being so native, and filled my mind with positive thoughts, the audition became easier and less stressful.  

We cannot allow fear to stop us from being the best we can be. Nevertheless, at times if what we try to achieve  does not work out, at least we did it. At least we tried, at least we put our fears aside and accomplished a goal. Even if the goal is wearing a body-con, or applying to that job, or running a race We accomplished it, we did it, you did it! 

My main goal is to becomes fearless. To do everything I have always wanted to do, and not to allow anyone, and more importantly to not allow negative thoughts stop me. 

We only live once, be fearless, live, and most importantly love you!!!! <3 

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