When the button up acts right!!

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One clothing piece I try to stay away from are button up shirts. The only reason why is because it seems as if no matter what size I get, the buttons never stay closed. However, my mind was slowly changing when I saw this top from Macy’s!!!! I've been dying for something cute and simple, to pair with a dark washed denim for a casual look. And here we go! Viola!!! 


I decided to size up just in case, really was trying to avoid the "button issue". I sized up to a 2X. And I was really happy with my decision. The shirt itself felt so comfortable and the fabric itself felt cool. It wasn't a fabric that was too thick, something perfect for the summer. This top is definitely a go to for a casual and chilled look, and this is definitely the look  that I wore for the Fdourth of July. 


Love my #TommyHilfiger fit! What you do guys think? #macyslove #macysplus

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