The maxi dress a petite girl always asks for!

"The maxi dress a petite girl always asked for!"

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Hi Guys!!! 
I have a special treat for you all, especially for my petite plus babes!! I recently discovered a maxi dress that we can rock without it dragging on the floor! Okay, okay - I think I got carried away here, so let me give you guys some back story. There might be some new readers who have no idea that I am petite lol.

Soooo I am exactly five feet tall, and everyone gets surprised by this because apparently, I look taller in my pictures. I don't know what to say about that but, I am indeed petite lol, petite and proud. And for someone who is petite, I love wearing maxi dresses, however, I just hate the time it takes to get it hemmed. But my life has forever changed after discovering this brand at Macy's. 

Macy's NY Collection is a brand that also offers petite plus. When I first heard about this brand, I really was excited but yet kind of nervous to try them out. I decided to simply go straight ahead and get a maxi dress to see exactly how "petite" it was. 

And let me tell you! This dress is amazing, the first time I wore a maxi dress and did not even think of tying the sides to not get the bottom dirty. I also love a good floral maxi, and this one screams "summertime fine". No one can tell this petite plus girl anything with this dress on!!


Check it out and let me know what you think! Click Here




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