Living my best life...ain't going back and forth with you..featuring Eleven60!

Hi guysss!!!!

Now, I know by now you guys have heard the saying “living my best life” or even the song that started from Lil Duval acting up lol “ living my best lifffffe, ain’t going back and forth with you n***a, I’m living my best life...

Now anytime I hear this song, I get so hype, because I feel like lately, I’ve been living my best life. Now we all have our own definitions to what that truly means..and no I’m not traveling all around the world, with all the money I’ve ever desired, but lately I’ve been doing something I hardly did before. Something I talk about, and advise others to do, and for the first time in a long time, I did it, I’m doing it.

I’ve been putting myself first, my own feeling first, and believing in myself and my goals 1000000000% and the feeling after that lately, is amazing!! Guys, I can’t stress the importance of being your own cheerleader and number one supporter. You have dreams and goals, and sometimes the people close to you cannot see the vision you have for yourself. But I’m telling you once you stop doubting yourself, start to put your feelings first, your dreams first, what anyone can do or say will never break your spirit.

Living my best life, for me, is literally believing in myself, trusting my dreams and my vision and having the faith that God will see me through everything .

With that being said, I needed to find the best dress to match the amazing vibe I’v been experiencing! And of course I had to go straight to Eleven60!

If you’re a new reader and do not know about Eleven60, then I must say you are missing out on an amazing plus brand that brings that class, elegance, trendy and fashionable vibe to the plus size world. From elegant dresses, to the cutest tops, and outwear, Eleven60 is definitely a brand that pushes the envelope on plus size fashion.

Now check out the Flower Bomb Dress, I picked to match my bomb self!

2333268654805885617-6VH-006 2.jpg

I’m wearing a 2x in the Flower Bomb, and I love it!!! My dress size is normally a 16 or 18, and I think the fit of this dress for my body type is perfect. Not too snug, but not too lose.. it hits my waist perfectly and literally makes me feel bomb!

IMG_7284 4.JPG

This dress is amazing!!! And if you decide to get this dress please tag me on instagram! and guys don’t forget to keep living your best lifffeeeee <3!

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